Who am I?

A self-motivated, creative who can handle multiple projects while meeting tight deadlines.

I leverage my 17 years of classroom teaching to break complex ideas into straightforward, digestible marketing content. My experiences as a special educator have helped me understand marketing principles such as incentives, audience, tone, delivery, and using color to motivate behavior.

Life should always be interesting; we are never finished learning and growing. I’ve been blessed to meet great people and learn from them. When I was younger, I played bass for years in the Army Band with older musicians who were original Motown Studio Musicians. I’ve learned from friends who work on significant video sets, such as Batman vs. Superman or Eminem’s music videos. I’ve never played and kicked a football, yet I trained under collegiate and pro players to learn and then taught over twenty kids, some of whom would eventually be recruited to college.

No one is an island; we all need others to grow.